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Baby and Toddler Club


When you  join the  Baby and Toddler  Club you will get.......

  1. 8 photo shoots for you and your  baby and  family. Over  the  next  2 years.........Free, no charge. Try it, like it, buy it. Thats the  BTC way, No pressure and honest pricing on our products .................and we  have lots of products for  every budget.

  2. Across the  board  10% discount on all our products.

  3. Exclusive Club Member offers, on your  phone & inbox.

  4. Selling nearly new baby things on Ebay or Facebook. We will shoot the images  in the studio for you ( as part of your  shoot ), Professional quality images at.... well........ Ok we  will do them for free (then you can buy our  fab photo’s) with the proceeds.

  5. “Our child” year books, your photos, our photos creatively edited and crafted in to  a  printed  book of images and stories.

Free membership to our “Toddler to Teens Club”

“Its all about Growing Up”

  1. “Pre-School years and At school”. Un-hurried  school photos of your children school uniforms in our studio.

  2. Fantasy photos of the  latest  trends  from Fairies to Frozen”, “Transformers” to  “TimeLords”, “Paddington to Polar bears”.

  3. “Pop party” milestone years, photos of  your birthday bash recreated in the  studio with all their mates or even at at the  party.

Register to  join here

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